There are 3 main types of clear PVC, each with their own benefits. It is important to choose the type of clear which suits your intended use as well as matching your budget. The different types of clear are named after their form of manufacture. 

Pressed Polished Clears


Pressed Polished Sheet Clears is the most expensive and offers superior visual clarity. There are several brands on the market, with the most well known being Strataglass.

Extruded Clears


Extruded Clear is the middle ground and overall the most popular choice for clear enclosures on boats. The type we use is Japanese made and is a product we have been using for well over 10 years. It has excellent visual clarity, rolls extremely well and has proven to tolerate the harsh marine environment well.

Calendared Clears


Calendared Clear is the least expensive option, but has a slight visual distortion. It is ideal for cafe blinds or rear deck blinds where price is important and perhaps there is mesh attached to the clear so the clarity is not really an issue. It is also good for carpet covers.

At Classic Marine we meet with our boat owners with their boat, discuss these options and come up with a solution that best suits their use of the boat. We are then able to provide our clients with a written quote, completely obligation free.

Rest assured that all materials used in the manufacture of your clear enclosures are tried and tested to be the best available in the marine environment including reinforcing fabrics, bindings, zips and stainless steel fittings. Our clears are always “double backed” - ask us why!


Clears are able to repaired in some instances. If the overall structural integrity of the clear section is in tact, we can often restitch, patch or replace sections of clear (such as u-shape sections which can become scratched with use). Zips can also be restitched or replaced, and fittings can be patched and repositioned. These can all be very cost effective options given the value of replacement clears.