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Given the harshness of the Australian sun, many boat owners are opting to install more covers on their boats to protect their various investments. These include covers for tenders, clears, lounges and seats, helm stations, dashes, BBQ covers, sunbeds, davets – you name it, we can make a custom cover for it! Some customers are even opting for complete all over covers for their boats.

Mesh screens are also a very popular way of cutting down heat and glare without blocking all of the airflow.

There is a wide range of both types and colours of canvases, PVCs, mesh and other materials for covers and screens and we have a large range of samples in store.



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Boat Covers

To give maximum protection for your boat, an all over cover is ideal. Covers can be made from Sunbrella Plus, but often a  light tarpaulin or other light weight material is the best to use and makes putting your cover on and taking it off easy. Boat vents with a tent pole are a must in some cases to allow ventilation and adequate run off.

Tender Covers

Most of our tender covers are made from Valmex Nautica, a light weight PVC with excellent tear resistance which folds away easily for storage when not in use. Sunbrella Plus is also a popular choice of material as you can usually match existing canopies or covers.

Equipment Covers

Covers can be made for helm stations, RFDs, BBQs, Davets, lights or anything else requiring sun and / or water protection. Mariner boat hooding, Sunbrella Plus and Stamoid are the most popular for these types of covers. Rail covers are generally made using Sunbrella with a soft backed vinyl underneath to stop any rubbing on timber rails.

Lounge & Seat Covers

Covers can be made to fit any shape or size of seat, lounge or sunbed and offers maximum protection for all vinyl or fabric seating.

Mesh Screens

Mesh screens can be made to zip on to existing canopies and clears, or can be a complete replacement for solid covers. Mesh screens are extremely popular to keep out heat and light and windscreen covers are a must for any boat. Mesh screens can also be added to clears, so that you can roll up the clear and let the air flow through whilst still having protection from sun and insects.


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